POLISHING AND BRUSHING LINES for flat products in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, zinc


Our lines are provided with

  • Industry 4.0/5.0 certification;
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd level connectivity systems;
  • Self-learning settings to minimize possible human error;
  • Fully automatic machining;
  • Automatic brush and belt change, reducing the possibility of human error;
  • Management of machine operations at the door closed due to the absence of operator risk (safety and prevention);
  • Customization of the line according to the customer’s needs for specific processes.

LASER laminator for sheet-to-sheet line

  • Cut 0 and without wasting material;
  • No stops to the machine for blade replacement;
  • Reduction of energy consumption;
  • No damage to the material due to material friction;
  • Adjustable cutting speed;
  • Completely uniform cut.



Communication levels and interaction between machine/client


Auto-learning system


Direct transmission motor


Structure reinforcement


Graphical interface


Line settings simplified

Graphical and user-side interface innovations 

  • 22 inch control panel, 3D intuitive images in color, with simplified using system;
  • Touch panel (wiring or Wi-Fi connections) for on-line management;
  • Full-automatic operating of the linesby only one supervisor (operator of machine), remote control;
  • Automatic lines processing for the connection with other operators to load and unload materials;
  • Automatic control of the belt maintaining;
  • Belt automatically positioned according dimensions of materials;
  • Automatic preparation of the line thanks to only one-button operation;
  • Heads and other components adjustment during processing.