The Phoenix series are production lines designed for processing heavy materials, with large thicknesses, while maintaining a high degree of quality. The lines of the Phoenix series is the most robust line on the market, to face any type of heavy machining


Specifications processed materials

  • Dry processing;
  • Wet processing;
  • Steel 0,4 – 40 mm sheet to sheet;
  • Aliminum over 250 mm;
  • Sheet’s dimensions: from 500 to 2200 of width;
  • Material 0,4 – 4mm Coils to Coils;
  • Coils dimensions: from 500 to 2000;
  • Feed speed 3-100 meters.

SANTIOLI line PHOENIX series - Technical specifications

  • Oscillation of the brush from 0 to 700 rpm;
  • Oscillating amplitude in automatic 0-10mm;
  • Diameter of contact roller 320mm;
  • Brush roller 210-450mm;
  • Engine power of satin-finishing machine up to 190 KW;
  • Engine power of brush up to 55 KW;
  • Phoenix head weight 9500 Kg;
  • Interconnected software between operator and machine for information exchange;
  • Auto-learning software, drastic reduction of human errors;
  • Assistance program with direct support trough PLC;
  • Automatic satin belt substitution and assistance;
  • Brush substitution with automatic program support;
  • Eccentric system with high performance;
  • Brush substitution with innovative system – 40% of intervention time reduction;
  • Automatic brush grinding without stopping the production.