Our purpose is to be not only a supplier, but also your reference in the after-sale



Assistance is the strategic element of the service: our knowledge and technical competence is the basic support to the customer to improve in details their processing with the necessary modifications.

We can grant assistance all over the world trough


Technical support in Italy & Europe


Technical support in other continents

Spare parts

Santioli SRL can grant the supply of all spare parts useful for a proper functioning of its products and is able to find the right solution to improve all the components. Only thanks to a picture or a description, our technical knowledge can identify each kind of component required.

Maintenance contractsSantioli Assistance

Our contracts are taylor-made with the customers and are able to keep the highest efficiency of their lines of production: maintenance planning minimize production stops if done one/two times per year.


Santioli SRL offers assistance and warranty contracts up to 10 years!


SANTIOLI’s maintenance contract benefits are:

  • Sixt-montly and annual maintenance planning;
  • Fixed and special tariffs for extraordinary maintenance;
  • Reducing of number of interruptions;
  • Best production planning and reduction of production stops.

Customer care

  • Technical support by our engineers for equipment and innovation to the lines of production;
  • Quality and productive improving and upgrading;
  • Substitution of the mechanic damaged items;
  • Substitution of the electric damaged items;
  • Technical support by our electrical engineers to software and hardware, upgrading old software, adaptation of the machinery to safety system; improving and upgrading of the processing, substitution of operating panels with new easier software, installation of remote assistance service.


We have created a team entirely dedicated to the installation service, so that we can offer a special support to the customer.

The installation team specialises in:

  • Installation of new and used lines of production: complete installation with testing and launching of the line;
  • Relocation of the line of production including the complete installation, testing and launching;
  • Technical support for supervisions and provision of workers for installation service.



Santioli SRL offers to its customers a consulting service not only for the purchase or repairing of the lines of production, but also as a support for the upgrading of their processing.

Nazzareno Santioli, thanks to his experience, offers to his customers his technical knowledge that can help businessmen to improve the processing and production capacity to reach high levels of competitiveness in the market

  • Find new metal processing to increase the production;
  • Improve the quality of the processing;
  • System approach for the material processing of the lines;
  • Planning of the production increase and quality processing by tree-year programme.