Our purpose is to be not only a supplier, but also your reference in the after-sale


Santioli SRL has created a team entirely dedicated to the installation of metal finishing lines in order to improve the services offered to its customers. The team is specialized in the installation of all lines for steel service centers.

  • Installation of new and used lines: complete installation, with testing and start-up of the production line.
  • Relocation of production lines to different locations, with consequent installation, testing and start-up.
  • Technical support for supervisors and supply of workers for installation service.



Assistance is one of the fundamental elements of our service: expertise and know-how allow us to help the customer in their choices before purchasing or changing a machine.

Consultancy  is also a support service in the consequent years of use, also for the gradual improvement of the processing of materials.

  • Identification of new material finishing for inceased productivity.
  • Quantitative improvement of processing.
  • Improvements and increase in quality and productivity.
  • Systemic approach for the processing of materials with the supplied lines.
  • Planning for production increase and processing quality in three-year planning.

The advantages of SANTIOLI maintenance contracts 

  • Planning of interventions on a semi-annual or annual period.
  • Fixed and discounted rates also for extraordinary interventions.
  • Reducing of interruptions.
  • Better scheduling of production and production stoppages.
  • Simplified invoicing.

Customer service

  • Technical support by mechanical engineers for structural mechanical modifications and line innovations.
  • Replacements of damaged mechanical parts.
  • Replacement of damaged electrical parts.
  • Technical support by electrical engineers for program and hardware departments, improvements to old programs, adaptation to safety, replacement of operating panels with new programs that are more practical and simple for management and installation for remote service connections.

We can grant assistance all over the world trough


Technical support in Italy & Europe


Technical support in other continents


Santioli SRL offers assistance and warranty contracts up to 10 years!



Thanks to Retrofit and Revamping solutions, it is possible to modernize machinery and plants, allowing the company to stay up-to-date with Industry 4.0 technologies and start the transition to Industry 5.0.

Revamping is a complete overhaul of the hardware part of the machine, which includes disassembly, replacement of worn components with new components and modern drives, restoration of mechanical precision, and finally reassembly.

Retrofit involves the insertion of modern electronic control systems, the replacement of the PLC, the software development of the logical part of the machine, and the addition of software solutions, in order to extend its useful life.

Our Retrofit and Revamping service makes it possible to keep existing lines in step with the times, bringing them to a level of performance and efficiency as similar as possible to the new product, responding to the circular and sustainable economy model of Industry 5.0.

  • New intuitive layout to keep control on the entire line from the panel.
  • Self-learning in the elaboration through program recipes, to avoid human errors.
  • Communication with management software for industry 5.0.
  • Reduction of machine preparation time, the processing heads light up ready to process the material.


Santioli Srl has an in-house precision mechanical workshop on a contractor, which makes all its design and mechanical skills available to its customers.

Activity mainly aimed at processing on behalf of third parties through the supply of semi-finished and finished quality products, for companies operating in precision mechanics, machine tool construction and large-scale distribution.

  • CNC machines, lathes and machining centers.
  • Wide range of material being processed (steels, aluminum, bronze, copper, etc.).
  • We supply the finished piece, to treatment, coating, grinding or other.
  • Turning and milling.
  • Flexible structure that allows you to be competitive in medium series (10-200pcs.).
  • Our customers are both small machine builders and large groups.
  • Guaranteed quality thanks to the in-house testing department.


Our specialized expertise in design and assembly has allowed us to offer our customers a custom service, dedicated to the creation of products or product modules, standardising the assembly from the component to the complete line.

With a staff of specialized operators and an operational headquarters including a warehouse and storage area, Santioli is a dynamic, flexible and highly specialized company that offers services
high value-added industrial assembly for third parties, serving industries active in different product sectors: textile, metalworking and packaging sectors.


1 – Area dedicated to assembly by specialized operators.

2 – Technical office with designers and engineers for the reading of the drawings and improvement of the processes.

3 – Dedicated area equipped with overhead crane and handling tools 700 sqm + 300sqm.

4 – Project manager for order management.