A factory with an area of 3500 square meters, 2500 of which are designed for the assembly workshop, loading, and unloading. Other 1000 square meters are for the customer relations and engineering design offices. Furthermore, next to the production plant, we have regenerated an abandoned space of about 1500 square meters, transforming it into a hall for conferences, meetings, training which will help to improve the organisational performance.

The factory is located in Southern Tuscany, at the foot of the Mount Amiata, along the eminent “Via Francigena”, an ancient road and pilgrim route running from France to Rome. In ancient times, Mount Amiata was a volcano however was already inhabited during the Etruscan period. Mount Amiata also has a long history connected to mining, you can find here one of the most important mercury mines in the world: it has been recognised as the first extraction site in Europe of the precious mineral “Cinnabar”. The Santioli has founded its roots on this land basing on this historical and cultural connection.